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In-Store Services

At YP Jewelers, we believe that good service starts the moment you walk in the door, which is why we offer a range of exclusive services that make us a stand-out Jewelry Store.

Try us for yourself.


Have old jewelry you never wear? An earring with no match? Bring it in!

We buy all kinds of gold whether its big, small, new or old. We buy it all!

Find us HERE and stop by today to get yourself a FREE QUOTE.

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Do you have an old watch that stopped ticking and tocking? Chances are you need a new battery. Here at YP Jewelers, we provide batteries for ANY watch and ANY size. Stop by and speak to one of our representatives to get your watch battery replaced today!

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YP Jewelers is now piercing ears for FREE with the purchase of one of our earrings. Select styles available in 10k and 14k gold for anyone of all ages! (Kids under 18 must bring a parent or legal guardian)



YP Jewelers works hard to provide all of our customers with top-notch repair services at competitive prices. In addition to our standard repair services, we also provide guidance and instructions on how to maintain the working condition of your items. When you need a professional repair solution, you can be sure to trust the services here at YP Jewelers.

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YP Jewelers is dedicated to providing high quality cleaning services on all kinds of jewelry. We specialize in cleaning gold, diamonds, silver, ect. Get in touch with any additional questions or visit us for more information / inquiries.

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Resizing on all kinds of rings are done in store.

Stop by to get yours done today!

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En YP Jewelers, todos nuestros representantes son completamente bilingües en inglés y en español y estamos para servir a todos de la comunidad de Downtown Chambersburg.

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